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Egyptian food is one of the most authentic and delicious foods in the world. Within a combination of elements from across the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Greece and France, reflecting the diverse influences that Egyptian have had throughout its history, Egyptian chefs often put their own spin on their version of the most beloved foods in Egypt.


Pharaoh wanted his people to eat well. There was nothing to stop the people from gathering and growing food. No one went hungry in ancient Egypt. Food was roasted and boiled, and fried and dried, and baked and blended. They had plenty of fresh food to keep them healthy thanks to the Nile River.


Forgot to tell you what is Heset?

Heset was an ancient fertility goddess, though her cult was supplanted by the cult of Hathor, a very similar goddess. In later times she was changed to be a goddess of plenty or of food and drink. The ancient Egyptians referred to beer as the "milk of Heset."

Our Experienced Chefs

I was lucky enough to grow up with a family that ate dinner together most nights. While my parents didn’t always cook from scratch and relied on some convenience products, they worked hard to introduce us to a variety of foods and we were encouraged to try new things.

Those cooking skills were transferred to me at a young age, and so much of what I love to do now stems from those shared experiences. I remember learning to do pasta with sauce at the ripe age of eight, standing on a stool in the kitchen, or helping make homemade cupcakes.

Being involved in cooking in our household as a child built a great foundation for what I needed as an adult to cook for myself.

You have a right to be happy and healthy, we are here to take you there if you allow us to.


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Heset Kitchen is a Melbourne based Middle Eastern catering kitchen that strives to bring the taste of the Middle East to your next event effortlessly. We pride ourselves on quality home cooking with food exploding with flavor and taste.  


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