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Egyptian Beans (Foul Mudammas)

SKU Egyptian Beans (Foul Mudammas)

Vegan Vine leaves 1KG

SKU Vine_leaves_1KG

Dozen Sambosk stuffed with vegetables

SKU Dozen_Sambosk_stuffed_with_vegetables

Baked mashed potatoes

SKU Baked_mashed_potatoes_
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Baked bechamel zucchini with mushroom

SKU Baked_bechamel_zucchini_with_mushroom
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Baked bechamel pasta with vegetables

SKU Baked_bechamel_pasta_with_vegetables_
* Size:

Moussaka with bechamel and mushroom

SKU Moussaka_with_bechamel_and_mushroom_
* Size:

Lasagne stuffed with vegetables

SKU Lasagne_stuffed_with_vegetables_
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Dozen Fried mashed potatoes

SKU Dozen_Fried_mashed_potatoes_

Dozen Fried cauliflower

SKU Fried_cauliflower_

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